Solution Features

All-In-One Taxi Management Solution

Taxi , courtesy coach , Limo and Shuttle booking Solution

Our online taxi and shuttle booking software is packed with rich features to get more bookings and to manage your fleet operations with ease. Manage your shuttle and taxi fleet operations with Pix Taxi software.

Unique features

  • Customisable booking widget based on your operation
  • Area of operation
  • Mange vehicle inventory by type and fare
  • Multiple dynamic price setting option
  • Google map integration to calculate distance
  • Option to manage fare structure
  • Kilometer wise pricing
  • Point to point pricing
  • On-demand addon services
  • Configurable map-based service area
  • Despatch Management
  • Despatch route optimisation
  • Driver Management
  • Multiple languages

Easy-to-access admin panel which makes managing drivers and customers easy

Our easy-to-access admin panel serves as a control center for the whole taxi dispatch business as it allows an admin to manage all the activities of drivers and customers efficiently.

Solution Features

Admin Backend

Admin panel can manage all aspects of your operation. View to admin panel is controlled using you login rights issues by your system admin. You can handle bookings, manage despatch, vehicle management , price management and manage all the setup based on your operations using the dynamic backed role is to handle booking requests. Moreover, these bookings are moved to despatch section and assign to the driver.

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Solution Features

Area of service using maps

Our dynamic route optimization technology lets customers to book only in the pre-set area of operations. Admin can map the area of operation from the backend using drag and drop method and the customers bookings will be accepted only the specific area of operations mapped.

This functionality will help to bookings stay within the area of operations and will increase operational efficiency and better customer satisfaction.

Solution Features

Automatic fare calculation

Automatic fare is calculated based on the point-to-point locations a. Fare can be configured for taking kilometre and flag rate into consideration. This software provides cashless ways of payment and invoice generation making booking transactions effortless. We can integrate any payment gateway based on the client requirements.

  • Taxi fare is estimated before booking confirmation.
  • Invoice received after payment confirmation.
  • Invoice is received through user’s mailbox automatically with full fare details.
Solution Features

Manage bookings

Admin can manage all the bookings and passenger queries via admin panel. Moreover, he/she can add, delete, view, and modify the bookingdetails of passenger.

  • Change the details of booking like travel date ,travel time, no:of passengers,time of travel and passenger details.
  • View Invoice of the trip.
  • View all booking with selected pickup and dropoff points
  • View vehicle attached to the booking.
Solution Features

Manage drivers

Manage driver profile and attach drivers to vehicles. Drivers can use their login to view and manage despatch assigned to them. Their assigned trips can be optimised based on pickup points and drop off points from the driver module.

Solution Features

Manage Widgets

Pix taxi offers a variety of booking widgets which you can enables from the backend. Freedom of the complete customization of widgets is yours. Our pixtaxi widgets can be easily integrate in just few clicks.

  • You can use 4 widgets or single widget for bookings.
  • Dynamically change the details of widgets from backend.
Solution Features

Online Taxi Booking Website –
Admin Dashboard

  • Admin Dashboard displays a comprehensive view of all the key activities.
  • View status in real-time like total number of bookings, total amount ,pending bookings and completed bookings.
  • Interactive & easy-to-access dashboard.
  • View revenue for each day.
  • View total earnings.

Why PixTaxi?

Pix Taxi, a Versatile and Cost-Effective Taxi and shuttle booking software.
Get more bookings and manage your taxi or shuttle business and achieve operation efficiency.

Pix Taxi

Estimating the total fare

Customer can get the total fare before they book the trip.

Pix Taxi

Route Optimisation

Route optimisation helps the drivers to optimise their routs based on pickup points.

Pix Taxi

Dynamic Fare engine

Price may be auto calculated by distance. The fare can be setup as fixed or using various fare combinations.

Pix Taxi

Despatch management

Mange despatch from your admin panel and give optimised routes to the drivers for pickup and drop-off guages.

Solution Features

Manage all aspects of your business – Increase bookings and manage fleet and operations All-In-One Taxi Management Solution

Taxi , courtesy coach , Limo and Shuttle booking Solution

Simple online taxi bookings

Clients can book a taxi in 3 easy steps. First, they select pick-up and drop-off location, then specify the transfer details, select preferred car and extra services, provide their personal details and choose a payment method.

  • Select pickup and drop-off location

  • Enter the transfer details

  • Select preffered car or van and extra services

  • Give the personal details

  • Choose payment method

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